As a tenant of BECHA, you have both rights and responsibilities. These will be set out in the tenancy agreement which you signed when you became our tenant.

The tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract. It sets out what we must do as your landlord, and what responsibilities you have as our tenant. For example, you are responsible for paying your rent on time.

Even if your rent is paid directly to us by housing benefit, it is your responsibility to make sure the rent is paid.

You are responsible for reporting any repairs that need doing to us and in some circumstances; you are responsible for some minor repairs or for making good damage that may have been caused to the property by you or your visitors.

You are also required to give staff from BECHA access to your home to carry out routine inspections, failure to comply with this condition of your tenancy may result in legal action being taken against you.

You are also responsible for making sure that your behaviour does not cause any problems to your neighbours or the wider community – for example, by making sure that you do not play your music so loudly that it causes other people to be disturbed.

Essentially, your tenancy conditions simply require you to be a good, reasonable tenant!

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