Can We End Your Tenancy

We can end your tenancy only in certain circumstances and we cannot actually evict you unless the courts say we can.

We will only try to end your tenancy if you have broken your tenancy conditions. So, if you fail to pay your rent and build up arrears, we can end your tenancy and apply to the Courts for a possession order, requiring you to leave your home.

If you consistently fail to pay your rent and build up arrears, we can end your tenancy.

If you cause a serious nuisance to your neighbours, or carry out illegal activities in your home, such as drug dealing, we also may end your tenancy. You are also responsible for making sure other members of your household and your visitors do not do any of these things. 

If you sublet your property, we will end your tenancy.

Subletting a property means that you have rented it to someone else. This is now, in fact, a criminal offence and if you sublet your property, not only might you lose your tenancy, you could be prosecuted. Subletting a property is different to taking in a lodger, and if you want to have a lodger, you should talk to us for permission to do so.

As a landlord, we do not want to evict people - we are in the business of providing safe, secure, affordable homes where people can live their lives in the knowledge that their home is a safe place. However, we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour or illegal activity. We also need our tenants to make sure their rent is paid.

All of this is set out in the contract you signed when you became our tenant and we will only end your tenancy if you have broken these conditions.

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