Values and Key Objectives

Our aim is to deliver a really good service to our residents and to work closely with our partners to improve the communities we serve.

We have six key overarching objectives which are set out below:

Investing in our stock

Our stock is our asset base, and home to our residents. We will use our asset strength to provide us with the best opportunities to improve, deliver and, where appropriate, grow. In order to provide good quality housing, we will invest in stock.

Our over-riding priority is to ensure that we follow the programmes we have put in place to improve and modernise our homes, and to protect our properties through a programme of cyclical maintenance to the external areas.

Investing in our residents

We will invest in our residents to improve our services to them and to take account of the fact that the majority live on low incomes and are impacted by changes to the welfare system.

We engage with them to understand the best ways in which we can help them take advantage of opportunities which will improve their quality of life.

Investing in our staff

We have carried out a restructure of the organisation and made changes to our staffing structure to underpin the improvements in services we wish to make for residents. This includes introducing a surveyor to lead on stock condition, to give us and our residents an effective repairs service, and to bring together a programme of planned and cyclical maintenance, ensuring we achieve the best value for our money.

Investing in our Governance

It is the board of BECHA who determine the direction and strategy for the organisation, who make the tough decisions and who are, ultimately, accountable for the organisation. We invest in our board to ensure we have the right skills so that the right decisions are made. We are exceptionally fortunate to have a board with a wide range of skills. We plan for succession and over the next year, intend to recruit two new members, one of whom we hope will be a resident.

Investing in our communications

Communication is critical to our relationships with residents, our partners and our stakeholders. We have invested in our website so that it is easy to navigate; so that our partners and stakeholders can find out more about us and what we have to offer, and so that over the next year, our residents can access more of our services on-line.

Investing in our partners

In a difficult economic and funding environment, good partnerships are the key to opportunities. We proactively seek out partnerships to improve the quality of our services, whilst retaining our unique local profile. We will align ourselves with the local agenda and work jointly where this makes sense and we will invest in our community by seeking out employment and work opportunities which may benefit our residents. We procure in a way which allows us to gain the best from our suppliers, ensuring the partners that we choose to work with share our social values.

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