Our performance

We review our performance regularly against a number of key indicators to make sure we are providing a good, cost effective service.

We set ourselves targets each year, and we get feedback from our tenants, to make sure that we are continually improving.

We also belong to a ‘benchmarking’ group so that we can compare our performance with that of similarly sized housing associations. The table below sets out our most recent performance information.

We are a member of the Skills and Projects benchmarking club, which measures the performance of smaller housing associations. We use that information to identify where we need to focus our efforts to improve.

The information in the table below sets out our performance during the year and compares BECHA with a number of our peer associations of a similar function and size.


DESCRIPTION 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 RANK IN B320 TREND
Rent collected as a percentage of the annual rent roll 99% 102% 102% 3/16 POSITIVE
Rent arrears as a percentage of annual rent charges 5.9% 4.5% 3.44% 10/16 POSITIVE
Rent lost through empty properties 0.8% 2.1% 0.2% 2/16 POSITIVE
Reactive maintenance as %age of total spend 70% 46% 42% 1/16 POSITIVE
Planned maintenance as %age of total spend 30% 54% 58% 9/16 POSITIVE
Weekly operating cost per unit 93.00 83 90 NEGATIVE
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